Admin login Details is a most common IP address used by many routers. In order to access the device web interface it is essential to enter this IP address. Various routers use various IP addresses that is allocated to a given regional area.

Access and Login to Administration panel

  • Access the web browser on your PC. It is highly recommended to use the latest version of any web browser.
  • In order to access the respective IP address, please press the “Accessing router panel” button. Give it a few minutes in order to load the admin panel. Login Admin -

  • Key in the default username and password into the web page that opens up. The default username and password can be even accessed from the handbook.
  • Now you can open the webpage and begin the device configuration.
  • Now you will be granted access to modify the network name, type of internet connection and add in any new device to the admin panel.
  • Additionally, the bandwidth and transmission rate can also be tested. The other gadgets linked to the router with the admin panel may also be verified.
  • It is defined as the best practice to amend the router’s default username and password to prevent any security issues.

Troubleshooting Problems in Router

  • Before making modifications jot down the router’s default settings. This is an additioanl safety step in case the router fails to function or is incompatible with the available network to make the necessary modifications and changes.
  • Now you will be able to revert back to the settings prior to any modifications. As a final resort if you cannot resolve the issue the only alternative is to consider resetting or rebooting the router.
  • By clicking the button at the router’s end for about ten seconds on average you can reset the router device. By doing so the router default settings can be maintained and the router will be rebooted. Now you will be able to access the router using the default settings and modify it.

Let’s Get Connected

  • Use your credentials to connect to the router. You can gain access to the website interface via the router’s IP address. Go to the URL tab and enter the IP address of the browser window and press enter.
  • An error message stating that the requested webpage does not exist will appear if you enter the incorrect IP address. Thus, it is ideal to copy paste the IP address in the browser.
  • Afterwards the IP address will transform into a link and you will be redirected to the router’s login webpage.


You will be permitted to take over admin access of the router by using the IP address and make any amendments to the settings of the network. The default settings can now be configured and you can reset the passwords and usernames, DNS settings can be modified and setup the router in a varied way. Generally, the reaosn for configuring any netwrok is to ensure greater security and prevent any entry from hackers.